Manuals - Drop/Auction Tracking


Drop/Auction property is a Cloud-Based data service. With defined tasks, patterns assigned to tasks or keyword definition, this service runs on cloud and shows result lists.

Cloud based data service is free for the first years with the application. Users need to renew membership to continue using this service.


1. Drop/Auction Data Service Mechanism

System will retrieve data from data service that is updated daily filter based on defined patterns or keywords on related tasks and create Drop, Auction, Pre-Release and Dropped Last Week data.

* Dropped Last Week data might contain data with back ordered or registered data after dropping.

2. Drop/Auction Task

Drop/Auction task retrieves and lists Drop, Auction, Pre-release, Dropped Last Week from Cloud Data Service by using defined patterns or added keywords.

Drop/Auction task can be defined in two ways: pattern-based and keyword-based.

Pattern Based
You can link your pre-defined pattern with task to create this task.
For definition of pattern (See also: 2. Define Your Patterns)
Keyword Based
You can add as much as keyword to your task to create Keyword Based task.

Add New Drop/Auction Task

You can open definition screen with Add New Drop/Auction Task button on the top menu.

After determining task name, you need to continue with either Pattern or Keywords option.

Pattern based task definition

Keyword based task definition

After completing your task, your task will be added to your list and be ready to use.

Lists after task definition are listed in under tabs in detail field.

You can export your lists to Excel with button

Pattern and Keyword List Tabs

Depending on pattern-based or keyword-based tasks, pattern detail or keyword list applied on task is shown in information section on right-hand side.